StreamChamp Privacy Policy

StreamChamp app contains crash reporting and analytics framework AppMetrica. Avatar images and twitch user name in the app are requested from that have their own privacy policy.

StreamChamp app does not collect any sensitive user data and provides access via, Facebook, or YouTube sign in flow.

StreamChamp app uses the YouTube API with intent to be able to create livestream broadcast, get user's broadcasts, fetch the list of user's streams and successfully stream to existing broadcast or to a broadcast created by the StreamChamp app. For more information refer to Google Privacy Policy.

The StreamChamp app does not share any sensitive user data and stores (locally on device) only data needed to configure the YouTube and Facebook live stream, e.g. user profile data. To revoke user access, visit Google Security Setting page.

StreamChamp app collects user data for analytics and crash reports using frameworks AppMetrica and Google Analytics. StreamChamp doesn't collect YouTube, Twitch or Facebook user data.

Account Closure & Deletion

StreamChamp is a standalone app without server. It does not create a new account for the user, rather it allows signing in the app with the Twitch, Facebook or YouTube to use one of the mentioned platforms. To remove the selected platform information from the app delete StreamChamp app itself. The platform's info will be removed with StreamChamp and will not be retained in any other source.

If you would like to delete your data we collect for analytics please contact